13 Months

Time is flying too fast and it seems like we are gonna lose out the precious golden time of our children just at a blink. Very soon, we will not be able to see Mo Mo crawling with her cute butt shaking behind. She has started to walk several steps although she is not confident yet. Her Michellin sausage hands are getting less plump as if we don’t tie rubber bands anymore… 🙂

Her baby talk is another thing we gonna miss forever… She makes a lot of cute voices like singing or talking all day long since a few months time. I am not sure it’s “girly” thing that is not common for boys since we did not hear much bubbly talks from Ben at baby time, or perhaps not so often. Oh ya, she also has stronger louder voice compared to Ben :). Guess God gifted her the loud voice for kinda self-defense. The words that she says so far are Ma Ma, Dad Dad, Dad-dy, Thar Thar (her ko ko), Ben Ben, Pwar Pwar (grandma), Ne Nek (babysitter), flower, wote wote (puppy), mum mum, cartoon, bread bread, lion, tiger…..

The things she always demand in loud voice are mum mum, cartoon, water, bread bread and suck suck (mummy’s milk). She like to ask us to on cartoon and also demands bread, corn flakes and white rice often….. Earlier, she called her ko ko “thar thar” as she couldn’t pronounce ko ko. But lately, she called him “Ben Ben”, just like us!

She has a lot of similarities with Ben but one thing we notice is she can squat (in the 3rd pic below) but Ben could not at this age. She likes to squat often.

She is growing into a toddler and getting cuter, but on the other hand, getting more difficult to control as she starts to show her strong wills persistently. When she bites her ko ko or someone, we would say “don’t bite”, then she’d talk back “BITE BITE”.

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  1. wow.. so many pics! have not visited this blog for a while. by this time, she definitely doesn’t crawl anymore:( nice snapshots.. well captured!

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