14 Months

This month, Anniina has a few milestones. Firstly, she has mastered the art to walk and has totally become all-two, and no more all-four. Secondly, she has learnt to eat rice/food herself from a bowl. Thirdly, her vocabs has tremendously improved and she says verbs such as – do, sit, draw, suck, take, wear, put, bite, walk etc. besides some new animals and things around the house such as bed, book, chair, pant, shoes, socks.

She is also getting self-conscious as she refers to herself as “Mo Mo”. She’d ask us to show her pictures in our PC or camera by saying “Mo Mo, Mo Mo” by pointing. ha ha.. Whenever she sees her pictures, she would also mention “Mo Mo”. Besides, she’s more a princess now as she’d shout “pain pain” whenever she gets hurt even a little.

What else, she has started to like reading books until she demands that mummy read book for her even while breast-feeding her.. OMG! Ya.. But… as a result, she can point out the right animals when we ask her to and can name many of them.

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