1.5 Years!

Benny has hit the milestone of one and a half year sooner than we expected.

There are a lot of changes compared to when he was 1 year. Basically, his vocab has increased a lot and he has started to say verbs and nouns together such as eat bread, cook rice, Shrek on (turn on). And he has started to mention himself as Ben Ben by saying ‘Ben Ben shower’.

Most of the things he says are – Food which are his favorites to either eat or play (grape, cheese, rice, porridge, raisin, oats, orange, apple, garlic,nuts); Objects (book, shoes, socks, hat, key, ball, spoon, fork, spec, bed, bag), Verbs (close, cut, shower, go out, see boss, carry) etc. And he starts to ask the very first question – “Where”- Milk Where, Elmo where etc.

One of the cutest word we think he says is “carry”. But it sounds “Ke-yee”. He says.. “Ma ka-yee”, “Daddy ka-yee”..  He still likes us to carry him!


6 Replies to “1.5 Years!”

  1. Hi Grace & Sam, Ben says “Brell” for umberella. He likes to play with it. He has never come across with hello kittie yet. He is crazy about Elmo, Shrek and Barney only. Plays with your Bop too, we just brought it back fr KL together with Rachel’s car. will post pics later.

  2. I used to have a car like Rachel’s. But, we left it in Tianjin for the poor children. We gave our Christmas tree, toys and clothing to them, too. I miss Tianjin.

  3. My school holiday is almost over. We can’t go anywhere this
    time because grace has prefect training and ballet extra classes.
    I swim, play swaveboard , and football card trading everyday. Benny, do you like Liverpool or Man Utd or Chelsea?

  4. I like what you like Sam. I will play football with you one day…. you don’t grow so fast yet. Wait for me to play together. ok?

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