Baby Ben is growing fast, he is now almost 5.5kg 😉
On 4 Oct, he was 5.25kg.
On 7 Oct,  he was 5.39kg (height = 58.5cm)

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  1. Hello sweeetie Ben,
    Wow ! You really grow very fast! I haven’t heard from your mommy yet that you’ve become heavier and she has trouble time to carry you. You have the vaccination? Poor baby! So sorry dear! You’ll have more to come later. Growing pains, ya! I know! I know! You hate that fat auntie with the needle!You are a brave boy!
    How is your mom? Has she started to go to work leaving you behind? I know you are a good boy, you won’t cry but mommy will! Ha ha! Then your daddy will run up and down calling your mom 10 times in 10 mins. You will say, phew! Thank god my grandma is around! Otherwise I’d better follow mom and mess up with the whole bunch of aunties over there.
    OK dear baby! Talk to you later. Sleep tight!
    Phwa Molly

  2. Hello Pwar Molly! yeah.. so nice to read your comment.. ya my Mummy has gone back to work on 19th Nov.. As usual, I get naughty & rowdy sometimes,, but I try to be good mostly so as not to torture my grandma. I don’t want grandma to go back because she always carry me but daddy and mummy doesn’t carry me.. hee hee because I’m getting heavier everyday.. I’m growing so fast,, taller and taller almost fill my babycot..
    anyway,, say hi to great grandma there and uncle Don… we will go to see you all one day..
    love, benny

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