2 months old

Baby Ben will be 2 months old tomorrow 🙂
This picture story shows how he has grown from newly born to 2 months old 🙂

5 Replies to “2 months old”

  1. whoa ben,2 months old and 5.8 kg? you are BIIGG!!hope to see u soon in dec.can samuel and grace come too? we take firefly from subang.stay one night and come home.it would be great if four of us could take a picture with ben.

  2. kuku,mama wants to remind you to give good good food to auntie jasmine.so much nutrients has flown out of her body.it’s time to replace them.

  3. Ee so happy to read comments form Lizzie and Maruko. Ben, do you know, now we have Elise the Spelling Bee, Grace the Math Marline, and Rachel the 5As Twinkle Star! Also, don’t forget, our Samuel the Squash Champion, and……., certainly, Ben the Son of the Right Hand!
    All the Glory to the Lord! By His Grace, everything is possible!

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