20 Months Fun

This little girl is really making us laugh by her new words day by day. You know what she told me recently? “Mummy, I want to see cartoon, 612”. Yes that’s one of her favorite channels whereas, Ko Ko always ask for 616. She also said “Mummy, what are you doing?”. I was like “huh?”. Is that what 20-month-old supposed to ask? It may not sound funny to you but to me, it really is. She is talking as if 24 months+. Based on our memory, Ben was still saying 2-3 words sentences at this age. Her cute words these days are “Excuse me” when she wants ways in or out and “I’ve got it” when she found something she’s looking for :*)

Her latest development is “toilet seat” which she calls “baby chair”. Yeah! she can now pooh and wee on baby toilet seat, saving us the job of washing the potty.. She has actually overtaken Ko Ko because Ko Ko uses toilet at school but still sticks to potty at home especially at TV time as he does not want to miss it. She is proudly telling everyone “Mo Mo sit baby chair”.

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