Month: August 2007

Swimming at Week36


Mummy has been swimming with baby Ben inside since the 2nd trimester (Mother-to-be, please note, it’s better not to swim in your 1st trimester!) Even though doctor has been telling us baby Ben is quite big in size, mummy’s tummy has been “small” compared to other pregnant friends. So mummy could wear the old swimsuit ….  Read More

Baby Ben is 2.8kg now….


We went to see Dr. Ng yesterday for regular checkup. Baby Ben is now 2.8kg. Dr. Ng has new 3D Ultrasound scanning machine now but baby Ben was at position that could not possible to see his face 🙂 Ben’s head has turned down since weeks ago but it has yet engaged so most probably ….  Read More

First present for Ben…


These are the presents from baby Ben’s Auntie The’ from Singapore, received when Ben was only 5 month inside. “Thank you Auntie The” Ben said. Looks like we have to keep it many more months before baby Ben will use them 🙂 Anyway, they are very nice presents, especially the waterproof book for bathing. Hope ….  Read More

Guess who is this….

Family & Friend

This is not baby Ben, this is baby KC (junior), Daddy’s good friend in China, and he’s half Chinese, half Malaysian. Welcome baby KC. 🙂 He was born on 22 Aug, 3.1kg. We are so happy for baby Ben as he will have so many friends (2nd generation friends) whose dad or mum or both ….  Read More

Ben’s 100 kicks


I don’t know whether it was his kick or punch, I got “Tote.. Tote.. Tote..” every second non-stop in the morning while I was in office and I lost count after 90th Tote Tote. You broke your record man! He did it for a few times before once in a while, but the most was ….  Read More



Benjamin means “Son of my right hand” or “Right hand of the father”, Hebrew Origin. He will be the 2nd man after daddy in the family. Daddy hopes he will take care of mummy and younger siblings. Daddy hopes he will be someone who can be entrusted with big responsibility and will lead and protect ….  Read More

34th Week + 4 days


Today, we met Dr again and Baby Ben is 2.5 kg now, gained half kg in 3 weeks. Dr said baby has good size, but I thought my stomach is too small compared to others. I want you to be chubby like Michelin Baby. Today, Ben stretched a lot until I got painful. He kicked ….  Read More

Waiting for Baby Ben…


This blog is actually built by daddy for baby Benjamin. It’s still 1 more month for Ben to arrive but daddy and mummy can’t wait any longer….. Everything is still not ready. Baby room is still empty, painting of baby cot is only 50% done. Windows are not tinted yet. Have not gotten milk bottle ….  Read More