Month: April 2008

Funny position b4 sleep…


This was Benny’s favourite b4-sleep position, each time if we wanted to put him to sleep, he would turn himself into this position and then dozed off. If we hold him in other position, he would feel uneasy and started to be cranky… Anyway, this has become history as now he has forgotten about this ….  Read More

Getting taller…


Ben went for vaccination again last night. As usual, Ben was measured for his weight and height. This time, we found that he has grown slower in weight but faster in height. He put on only 320g but grew taller by 4cm within 1 month. He is now 8.86kg and 69cm. Obviously Ben is no ….  Read More



This video was taken when Benny was 4 months old. That time he was learning how to sit up. Benny has a pair of very strong hands which helps him to learn how to turn over, on his four, crawl, sit up and now stand up on his own.

Inheriting daddy’s wish list….


Besides bringing so much of joy to us, Benjamin also brings much hope… things that daddy did not accomplish in life, daddy wish Ben will accomplish… Anyway, daddy does not wish it will become a burden / pressure to Ben’s life, it is just a wish… it should be a blessing, not a curse, perhaps ….  Read More