Month: May 2008



Daddy is getting ready with toy collections for Benny. Here are some new toys that Ben has yet played with 🙂 Will give him one by one after he got bored with his current toys (Click here to see) 😉

Milestone chart: 1 to 6 months

Development Guide

Benny is 8 months old now, daddy checked on this 1-6months milestone table to see if Benny has been progressing well. Overall, Benny can do most of the things listed here. Daddy will write on some of the skills listed below if time permits 🙂 Daddy realize now why some were surprised to hear (like ….  Read More

Waving bye-bye…


Ben started to wave bye-bye since few weeks ago (7 to 8 months old). Each time when daddy is about to go out for work, daddy will wave and say bye-bye to him and he will wave back. Poll result from shows this:- How old was your baby when he waved for the first ….  Read More