Month: June 2008

Practising Standing


Today Benny and daddy set 13th July as our target that Benny will stand on his own on this day 🙂 Daddy is going to accompany Benny practicing standing at the pool side every evening 😉

Cute front teeth :-)


Benny’s front teeth, 4 upper and 2 bottom have all come out fully from the gum. The upper middle 2 teeth are quite big compared to others and there is a gap between them 🙂 The lower middle 2 teeth are smaller in size but longer in height 🙂 They are so white like snow. ….  Read More

A touching video for father’s day…


This is a story of about a father who climbs mountains and runs to the end of the earth and back, to give his son a better life…. Watched this video last Sunday at church and think you should not miss too 🙂 More about the father-son team (Team Hoyt): Check out their website:

Family reunion trip…

Family & Friend

Some interesting moments during last week’s family reunion trip to share… This was a real good shot… everyone was smiling. 🙂 Taken during checking in at Lakehouse, Cameron Highlands. Nice cozy bedroom. 🙂 Benny tried to imitate Mona lisa’s smile. 🙂 Breakfast time at Lutheran Mission Bungalow, Cameron Highlands. Awesome view. Perfect place for fishing ….  Read More