Month: September 2008

“Duck Duck”


Ben Ben learnt to say “Duck Duck” and “Bird Bird” when he saw ducks and birds for the first time in the park in KL recently. He makes words double e.g, car car, milk milk.. etc..

First drawing


This is Ben Ben’s first drawing. 2 days ago, he drew this with a pen. He held the pen correctly, naturally 🙂 Daddy is somehow still worried with the sharp end of pen/pencil… perhaps it is time to get him a crayon set 🙂



Just another 3 days, Ben Ben will be 1 year old. Daddy was gathering all his photos and gotten this one from the handphone. Ben Ben at 5th months, little hair and very round head. Obviously Ben Ben has more hair now. Anyway, he still have the cute multilayer arms 🙂