Month: April 2009

Short Hair


Hi, Elise, I cut my hair as per your request 🙂 Do you like it? Sam, do I look like you or daddy? Ma Ma tied my hair up like this before coz my hair was always sweaty. People asked whether I was girl or boy :*) . Now I’m a real BOY like you!

Ben The Builder


Benny with Rachel’s/Elise’s Car &  Sam’s Bob. He is now crazy about this cap besides shoes and socks, for which he would say “Ma Ma Please” to ask Ma Ma to wear for him at home. It’s simply too sweet for Ma Ma to resist his “please”!

Ma buy fries


Ben can now make a simple sentence. Last night, while waiting for mama to buy him some fries from McDonald’s, he said “Ma buy fries” 🙂 Ben’s vocab size is about 50 words now 🙂 Words that Ben knows: hand, eye, ear, hair, milk, banana, papaya, aple, grape, straw, cheese, biscuit, bread, garlic, onion, grape, ….  Read More