Month: August 2009

Serious Reader


Ben Ben can read all picture books now such as vegetables, fruits, and animals basically. He can now pronounce longer words such as dragon fruit, mangosteen, armadillo, umbrella, cauliflower. The longest sentence he said the other night was “Ben Ben finished all chockat (chocolate)”. The next morning, after drinking milk, he said “Ben Ben finished ….  Read More

Ben’s way of pronunciation :-)


Bee end (the end), cotunut (coconut), dambu (jambu), codile (crocodile), carcoon (cartoon), Dr. Manat (Dr. Rahmat), magoose (goose), kambing (penguin)etc, on yite (on the light), chocoyet (chocolate), etc. So far, we notice he cannot pronounce the words starts with L such as light (he says yite), la la la (he says ya ya ya). Now ….  Read More