Month: January 2010

Ben’s Progress & Behavior


Ben has just turned 2 years and 4 months. Daddy and Mummy are happy with his progress especially his oral skills. These a few months, he is able to say the words such as ‘the’, ‘for’, ‘and’ , ‘on’, ‘under’, which he used to skip before. Now he says- under the sea, on the chair, ….  Read More

Ben’s Behavior towards Mei Mei


We always wonder how Ben will react towards his sister, Mei Mei. Since few months ago, he has been watching labor stories and about babies on Discovery Home & Health. It makes him briefly understand baby come out from mummy. Besides, we let him see bird-hatching, chic-hatching from Youtube. So, he occasionally touch mummy’s tummy ….  Read More

Pregnant Benny


This is how cheeky Benny mimic pregnant Mummy without us teaching. Don’t know how he can push out his chest to front, not much of tummy. His face looks either going to labour soon or constipated. We laugh non-stop everytime he does this. We can ask him to show ‘How Ma Ma walk”