Month: January 2011

Connecting tots


Recently we have a friend whose baby boy was born on 010111. Wow, what a good date, the baby’s birthday will always be a public holiday 😉   This also means this boy will be the eldest in the class when he starts school, compared the the kids who were born in September, he is ….  Read More

Trip to Myanmar


After 2 years, Ben got another chance to meet his cousins from mummy’s side in Myanmar. We wanted to see how he’d react when he met his cousins, but unfortunately he dozed off when we met them at airport. Anyway, once he woke up, we could see his smiles, playing with them immediately. On the ….  Read More

Anniina @ 11.5 months


Momo weighs 9.7kg and 73cm today 🙂 She can stand up herself and remain standing for very long now. She starts to talk and sing, following after us. She uses sign language to ask Ben to come and sit next to her 🙂 Ben at 3yrs 4 months, he is able to drink medicine from ….  Read More