Month: February 2011

Ben’s Favourite Vege & Fruits


It is amazing that Ben Ben likes to eat raw celery, which daddy and mummy can’t eat raw. We even hated it when young. But he can crunch 5-6 sticks at a go! His other favorites that he eats raw are cucumber, carrot and capsicum sometimes. Lately, he becomes adventurous and starts to like ovenized ….  Read More

How to get the keys…


Haha, Ben got the right answer 😉 Check it out the video below. You may test this on your kids. Just go to Probably Ben’s previous experience with his ABC fridge magnet has helped him to make the right decision. As his brain cells were linked thru previous experience, it helped him to think ….  Read More

Nyiah nyiah…


Not only Momo likes to do what Ben likes to do, Ben likes to do what Momo does too. Ben even picked up Momo’s baby language “nyiah nyiah” 😀 Momo enjoyed crawling the bricks fence of a park. Ben saw it and crawled like Momo. 🙂