Month: March 2011

Connecting tots…


As a Dad, I think that we have a responsibility to encourage and nurture our kids together with their Mom. I came across this website on Anmum called Connected Tot and I think it is a good place to start to learn about developing the child’s brain cells. In this website built for parents and ….  Read More

13 Months


Time is flying too fast and it seems like we are gonna lose out the precious golden time of our children just at a blink. Very soon, we will not be able to see Mo Mo crawling with her cute butt shaking behind. She has started to walk several steps although she is not confident ….  Read More

Sleeping: new method


Tonight Ben wanted to sleep this way. He pushed the 2 mattresses apart and slept on the floor in between. Later he moved his head up on one of the mattresses as photo. He likes doing many thing differently. He called it new method. He has many many new methods 🙂