Month: April 2011

6 of Them


Last time, there were 4 of them, now 7 of them. But 1 of them just came out on 11th April and still in hospital. Congratulations to Esther & Jon for the new born, the 7th! And guess who will have the 8th next.

14 Months


This month, Anniina has a few milestones. Firstly, she has mastered the art to walk and has totally become all-two, and no more all-four. Secondly, she has learnt to eat rice/food herself from a bowl. Thirdly, her vocabs has tremendously improved and she says verbs such as – do, sit, draw, suck, take, wear, put, ….  Read More

Benny the Architect


Building houses, buildings, towels, farms, and zoo with wooden blocks or lego has become Benny’s favorite game for some time. We are really amazed by some of his own ideas. He does not like us to help him in building. If we help him, he even gets angry. He’d say “it’s not like that, it’s ….  Read More