Month: February 2012

Making Paus!


Yay!, Daddy has found a new activity for Ben, making dumplings or paus! Daddy and mummy let Ben see and help in making bread, cakes and paus since we got Noxxa Oven with dough kneader, which makes life easy. Daddy usually makes bread and paus while mummy makes cakes. It’s a fun time unless Ben ….  Read More

Anniina’s Birthday in Gunung Jerai


Anniina turned 2 years in Gunung Jerai when we went there for a night trip on 4th Feb. We enjoyed the chilly weather and mountain view together with our friends from Iran. Ben and Annina enjoyed playing with Arshida. Arshida was like a big sister to Anniina. The place is just nice to lazy around ….  Read More