Month: April 2012

Ben’s Drawing @ 4.5 years


Ben’s drawings have improved and he still draws whenever he feels like drawing. Recently, he likes to draw animals, ambulance, and houses. Sometimes, he likes to draw and write something or label what he draws. He asked Daddy to send the first picture below to Mo Mo when she was hospitalized a few months ago. ….  Read More

Drawing at Restaurant


A pen and a paper sometimes help us a lot when eating out as they can entertain Ben very well and keep him under control.. 🙂 These pics tells how he got busy drawing and what he drew on tissue paper!

Oldest Presents


Sometimes old presents are more precious than new ones as they have sentimental values. Recently, Ben inherited some of Daddy’s 30-year-old (or may be more) childhood stuffs, when Daddy cleared up his old house in his home town. Daddy brought back a box of Legos, cars, stickers, a blanket that he used when young, his ….  Read More