15 Months

Mo Mo weighs 10.9kg at 15 months. She has grown into a little girl although she shouts “Be Be, Be Be” when she wants mummy to carry her as mummy always cuddle with her calling Baby. Her favorite word right now is “No No”. Whenever she wants her way she will shout “No No”. She has also learned to say some new words such as “change”, “choose”, “press”, “clean”, “wash”. When watching Youtube, she shouts “choose” when she wants to choose video clips. And, she demansd to change from one clip to another shouting “change, change”. Another challenge has started as she shouts “I want, I want” when she sees toys in shopping mall. I think that is too early to know how to demand toys. I think Ben did not know how to demand at this age. We never had tough time with Ben in toy shop as he could leave the toy without much fuss once we left .

The funny thing about her recently is that she acts mummy and scolds Ben. Ben was crying the other day and suddenly she turned to him and said “stop” again and again pointing finger at him. We laughed. Again, while mummy was feeding Ben Ben, she took away the spoon and turned to Ben and said: “Ben, come, eat”, holding the spoon to feed him. Not only that, she orders Ben to sit, go, take etc. and also call him “Ben Ben” in scolding tone. ha ha ha.. We teach her to call Ko Ko but she has not called even once. When we say Ko Ko, she’d say Ben Ben. Now, she also knows how to say “share” when she wants the toy Ben is playing.. 🙂 “Ben, share, Ben, share”.

Oh, her favorite food right now is “cheese”. She could finish 2 slices at one time but we gotta keep it to 1 slice a day. When she goes to kitchen, always ask for cheese and she even shouts “cheese, cheese” while asleep at night. Yes, Ben still eats cheese and also spoonful of butter, sometimes mixed with kaya. ha ha..

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