1.5 Years

Our little girl is one and a half years old now. There are many things to blog about her to keep a virtual diary about her. Basically, we want everything about our little ones to be remembered, not forgotten. So, it’s always good to have diaries about them. We regret that we did not blog many things about Ben at every age. I am sure they will love to read the way they were and how they learnt things when they grow up. Since Daddy cannot blog these days, Mummy takes over this blog :).

Well.. at 1.5 years, firstly, Mo Mo’s communication skill is something to remember. She says No, Yes and OK appropriately. When we ask her to do something she doesn’t like, she’d say a BIG “NOOOOO”. If we ask “Do you want cheese?”, she always says a discrete “yes”. When we ask “Let’s go out Mo Mo”, she may say “OK”. We now love to hear her Yes and OK. It sounds just cute. She could now say a sentence with 4-5 words such as “I want touch Mummy eye”, “I want see Ko Ko crying, wah wah wah”, “I want see cartoon”, “I want shower” etc. . She often tells us “Mummy sit here”, “I want this one”, “take key” etc. She also follows what Ko Ko says both in English, Mandarin and a bit of Burmese. The common words that she learnt from him are “mine”, “wor youk”( I want) in Mandarin etc. She also says adult words such as “destroy”, ‘medicine” as Ben always complains she destroys his Lego houses. Sometimes she says in adults’ tone “Ben’s medicine, put here” by putting it at the right place. She simply chats a lot with her own baby language mixed with people’s names. She tells stories like “Daddyxxxx, Ko Koxxx, Mummyxxxx….”

Secondly, she has 8 pairs of teeth to chew all yummies. Sometimes, it is easier to clean her teeth when she is asleep. Yes, it’s a ‘must’!
Third thing to note is her diet. She has been eating adult food most of the time since a few months ago after rejecting porridge around 14 months. She eats almost all vege and meat that we eat. We just make sure it’s soft enough and not spicy or salty. She loves veges such as bean sprout, English gourd, bottle gourd, French beans, green peas, cabbage, carrot, potato, spinach and beans etc. She also loves egg and pasta.
Fourthly, she uses potty for her little or big businesses most of the time during the day. But there is a little problem when she asks for potty when we go out . Ben’s best friends such as plastic bag or mineral water bottle do not solve the problem.

She likes to read books and helps in hanging clothes, mopping, feeding Ben, taking potty for Ben, feeding medicines to Grandma etc. She also likes Ko Ko to feed her milk or massage her. She also massage Ko Ko sometimes.

Another thing to remember is she now calls her brother “Ko Ko” and also “Ben Ben”. Her naughtiest still is that she likes to take Ko Ko’s toys and vice versa. She makes Ko Ko mad by destroying his toy houses sometimes. She switches off the TV when Ben or we are watching. This is the biggest challenge that we face so far. Even we give them the same toy of same color, the grass is always greener for them on the other side. Hugs and cuddles, fun and jiggles, dog and cat fights are parts and parcels of their growing up together under the same roof. No matter what, they still look for each other and want to play together again. Sometimes, when she wakes up in the morning, the first thing she tells Mummy is “I want see Ben Ben” 🙂


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  1. What a good idea to clean the kids teeth when they are asleep! I haven’t started brushing my son’s teeth yet cos honestly I’ve been bitten a few times. Maybe I’ll try when he’s sleeping.

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