Baby’s Specification (Day1)


3.32kg(7.3lb) in weight & 51cm(20.1inch) in length

Thank God that baby Ben came out early 🙂 If he is slightly bigger, maybe the vacuum would not be able to suck him out 🙂

Baby Ben is a very good “kuai” (good boy), he cried very little since born till just now 🙂
Mummy asked doctor why baby Ben did not cry much, doctor asked back why would mummy wanted a crying baby :-p

He could open both his eyes the moment he was born, a good friend said he can’t wait to see the world :-p
These 4 photos was taken while he was sleepy. Daddy will try to get a shoot with fully opened eyes tomorrow 😉

6 Replies to “Baby’s Specification (Day1)”

  1. cute baby… sleepy and cuddly. welcome to the world, Ben! can’t wait to c u face 2 face. congrats to the proud daddy and mummy 🙂

  2. Congratulations to the new parents, so happy to see baby Ben can’t wait to touch his little hands and feet. Wish Jasmine is doing fine. All the best and God bless.

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