Happy Birthday, YiHer :-)






Yesterday evening, Benny attended YiHer’s 1 year old birthday. As he skipped the 430pm sleep, he was actually quite sleepy at 630pm. Anyway, YiHer’s nice toys fascinated him that he was busy playing with them 🙂

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  1. Haha I also don’t know why she saw Ben’s daddy will cry. Ben more ‘kuai’ and socialble 🙂 Yi He have lesser chance to mix around with other baby. Should bring her out to meet Ben more haha.

    Yesterday Yi He went for 1 year old injection and her weight is 9.04kg. Need to catch up Ben’s weight 🙂

  2. Ya, it is just the matter of getting used to it. Ben always meets many different faces at our apartment and church 🙂 Ya, let’s have more time for them to play together. 😉
    Chicken pox vaccination at 12months?

  3. I forgot what vaccine already haha……But Yi He seems forgot about the doctor who gave injection and the procedure (previously always cried when enter the clinic) until the needle was injected to her thigh.

    We actually bring her out every week and also almost daily to playground but she seems shy to other baby frens there….maybe like the mummy haha

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