A Trip to Taiping

It’s been a long time we haven’t gone for a family trip by road due to a few reasons. We have made trips by flights which seems to be easier than driving for hours. Recently, we realized the need to have some fun and planned a day trip to Taiping, which is a neighbor to Penang yet, never been explored. To add more fun, our good friends, Andrew, Kylie and their lovely princesses, Chloe & Shanice joined us! They were born just a week and a month away from Ben & Anniina. We all had fun in Taiping Zoo and children couldn’t stop running and flying around like butterflies in famous Lake Garden which offers breathtaking view.



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  1. No, they were not scared at all. I was worried about ear ache but children seem to be easier to adjust to pressure. Ben was excited about flying and also about aeroplane. Recently, books for coloring, reading, games entertained him. He was also busy eating peanuts offered by plane and some snacks (apple pie, fries) when he flew alone with daddy to KL. We made little attempts to make him have good mood by bribing him with his favorite Jelly (Appeton Vitamin C), letting him carry along in his pant pocket when he left home. You can buy them new small toys to make them excited, give them their own bag to carry their toys and books.

    But for Mo Mo, smaller toddler, the best entertainment for her was breastfeeding! It made her doze off easily when we flew twice with her. I think milk or attractive NEW snacks or toy will entertain them.

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