AH Kong Ah Mah


Last week, Ah Kong and Ah Mah came down to visit Ben. It has been a long awaited trip for Ben to meet Ah Kong and Ah Mah. In fact, Ben’s newborn hair was preserved for this meeting. After this, Daddy and Mummy might want to shave him….. still thinking, as we hope the new hair will be thicker… but Ben looks nice and cuter with little hair…. still thinking…..

Just as any other grandparents, Ah Kong and Ah Mah’s hearts were captured by the little grandson. Uncle Albretch likes him much too. 🙂

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  1. this will become a classic pic of little ben looking up at ah kong.
    (that’s cute!!) he’s wondering who’s carrying him and for the 1st time, it’s ah kong! ah mah is beside, admiring ben at the same time. (note: actually grandpa and grandma sound much better. what say u, lizzy?)

  2. Ye Ye Nai Nai, well versed, Lizzie. Ee think why don’t we let Chen Shen
    decide, he, he, he… 🙂
    Btw, Kiat, pls don’t shave his hair. It’s only a myth that the hair will grow thicker after the shave. But. he looks good in short hair like Samuel does.

  3. Ya, most probably we will not shave his hair. I remember Lizzie had
    very little hair when she was baby, and spiky just like Ben and now she has so much hair 😀

  4. Rachel, do you remember, when you were a toddler, you always wanted to pinch off grandpa’s mole? 🙂 Wonder what’s on Ben’s mind when he spotted the mole.

  5. Praise the Lord, Ah Kung and Ah Ma finally have the chance to meet Ben and hold him. It must be the happiest moment for both of them ever since they were ill. Look at Ah Ma, she is now so much better. Ah Kung also can smile now. All the Glory to our Abba Father. Truly, His Grace is sufficient. He has seen us thru the trauma. It’s indeed His Miracle! Hallelujah!

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