Animal Puzzle

Ben Ben has increased his puzzle skill from 12 pieces to 25 pieces, which he gets done in 5 minutes. This is how he was playing 25 piece animal puzzle, given by his aunty, T The. Since he has been obsessed with animals especially after visiting the zoo, he has full of passion to play it. After completing the puzzle, he sometimes put his animal toys (given by his cousin, Samuel) on the puzzle, elephant on elephant, tiger on tiger etc. He also likes to line-up the animals and fell asleep rightaway like that the other day.


11 Replies to “Animal Puzzle”

  1. Glad to see you playing so well, ben. Like your animal parade! Have you been eating the abc pasta? Maybe should go look for the animal’s one for you. 🙂

    Hmmmm… let’s think of a good n beautiful name for your mei mei.

  2. Hmm.. how about Danielle? Benjamin Teh and Danielle Teh? 🙂
    Baby Danielle…. 🙂 So sweet. Danielle, Benjamin’s little sister. Do you like it?

  3. Cinderella’s name in Ever After movie. Will let Ben tell you guys 🙂
    Everything of Singapore is still freshly in Ben’s mind 🙂

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