Baby Ben is 2.8kg now….

We went to see Dr. Ng yesterday for regular checkup. Baby Ben is now 2.8kg. Dr. Ng has new 3D Ultrasound scanning machine now but baby Ben was at position that could not possible to see his face 🙂

Ben’s head has turned down since weeks ago but it has yet engaged so most probably he will not give us a surprise early arrival :-p

Mummy also did a test to prevent baby infection during delivery, called GBS, you may check out more details at 🙂

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  1. Hai Ben
    I am in love with your name. Hmm I have been waiting you for a long long time. And want to see you so much and I really wonder that is you look like your mummy or dady;-))What I want to say your mom is my best friend who has a very good-hearted and so sweet personality and I quess you will be the same for me…

    Millions and millions of kisses from Turkey!!!Please please let’s come to world we have no patience already.


  2. Hi, Sultan. Thanks for the kind words 🙂 Ben’s mummy will surely be happy to read your message here. I will put up mummy’s latest photo with Ben inside for you to see now…. 😉
    -Ben’s daddy.

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