Baby Bjorn Carrier


Thanks Aunty Mia for sending Baby Bjorn from Finland, we love this carrier. It is always good to receive what we wish for, what more unexpectedly 🙂
In response to Khorkhor (Aunty Sonia) who has been asking daddy what we wish to have for baby Ben, daddy posted this and then Aunty Mia….. guys check out the story yourselves….

In fact we really have almost everything (essential things for life with baby) that is needed for baby Ben, daddy even bought the Lollipop too early as later a good friend brought it for us (Specially ordered from KL :-p). We were blessed with baby cot, milk bottle, breast pump, baby dresses (new & old), diapers, bouncer, play pan, toys, hampers, angpaus, etc, etc… and even 3 strollers (1 won by mummy from “Most Beautiful Mom” contest 😉 ) Thank you all generous people for all these gifts 🙂

On the way sending mama to hospital to deliver baby Ben, this verse came to daddy, The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. Thank you God for the faithfulness, in our lives and now in baby Ben’s. 🙂

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