Trip to Myanmar…

Ben made a very first trip to Myanmar to see his Grandma, aunt, uncle and cousins. Everyone there was excitingly waiting for him. He immediately recognized grandma and almost instantly, he clicked with the cousins naturally and played with them happily everyday for 10 solid days. He really had so much of fun. We had never seen him so happy like this 🙂 To our surprise, he showed so much affection to his cousins by kissing them everyday. Once, he kissed them one by one. Isn’t that amazing for his age to speak love language?  And, he started to call Ko Ko & Ma Ma (Brother and sister in Burmese) to his cousins. At times, he refused to sleep at bed time as he wanted to keep playing with them. He was shouting “Ko Ko, Ma Ma” and tried to get out of the bed room.

Anyway,  finally Ben Ben got to come back to Penang… and playing alone again most of the time 🙁 Mama, faster give Ben Ben a sibling 🙂

Thank you very much Pwar Pwar, Aunty Age, U Htut, and Kyee Kyee Ye for hospitality & accompany, especially Kyee Kyee for driving and cooking for us.



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  1. finally see you again Ben on your blog 🙂
    I was waiting to see your photo in Myanmar.

    Ya mummy can plan for 2nd one already……haha hopefully we can have same year baby again 🙂

  2. Hi, benny. How are you? You look very cute. Your cousins, too. Did you enjoy riding the supermarket car? I bat you did! 🙂
    We went to supermarket, too. We took grandpa and grandma for a CNY shopping! We helped them pick stuffs and pushed the trolley.
    It’s really fun! We also went to the bank with grandpa. Granpa was so cool. He got many angpow packets! Your angpows are with them.
    Remember to pick them up. 🙂

  3. Hello, ben. It’s me, Samuel. I wish I can go holiday like you too.
    I wanted to go Penang with Elise and Rachel for CNY. But, mummy said unless my kung kung and popo move to Penang, then, we can go.
    I waited. But, kung kung didn’t. I think he is old already. He likes his old house better.

  4. Hi, Samuel, Ben, ask your daddy to plan a trip to clear water sanctuary and then if you still have time, come to Penang, just 2 hrs away 🙂
    We no longer feed Ben milk powder as he started to drink milk again. He drinks Milo too 🙂
    Hi, Grace, Ben is still too young for school, anyway, he has a school back already 🙂

  5. Ben, you must go to school. School is fun because you can play with many friends. My best friends are Asy’raf, Lucas, Naqib and Isabell.

  6. Samuel so silly. If we can’t go to Penang during CNY, we can still go some other time. Elise and Rachel went to Penang because their ah kung is there.

  7. We all miss you,Ben!Our house became dull and quiet after you left.But we had a great time together.Don’t forget us.We wish your Mama can give you Twins sister and brother.

  8. Happy Birthday, Kiat Kuku. Benny can sing the happy birthday song for you and help you blow the candle! God Bless you and your family.

  9. wahh…so lau juak.yest ma read newspaper,so many myanmar refugees suffer inside and outside myanmar.ben,when u grow up u must rmbr to brg d good news of Jesus Christ to ur mom’s is a blessing to share and give .

  10. wow!! no wonder ben had a good time… so many cousins and friends to play with. (hi everyone in myanmar! i’m sure u had lots of fun playing with ben too). in the 4th & 5th photo, he looks so cheeky as he pulls faces at the camera. nice park and rabbit too! :0)

  11. Hi Ben Ben,
    I love your pictures very much. You look so happy and homely at your grandma’s place in Rgn. Your mom and dad must have enjoyed a lot too with non stop eating home cook goodies. ^^ You should go back to grand ma’s house often Ben. Your loving cousins must have missed you so much after you left Rgn. Take care sweetie.

    Phwa Molly

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