Bean Pillow


This long pillow in grey colour is baby Ben’s good friend. It has been helping Benny to sleep well without being waken up my himself or surroundings. Benny has been sleeping with it since we stopped wrapping him up whole body like in hospital. It was custom made by grandma.

We used red bean, alternatively you may use other bean type or rice or even sand (but make sure they are clean).
The beans will not germinate even if they are exposed to Ben’s saliva because they were treated at 150C for 10 min in the oven.
This pillow is in long shape so we can cover Ben’s tummy from his left hand to right hand. The blue tissue packet will give you and idea of its size. It is about 1kg in total 😉

*Caution: As your baby has grown stronger, do not cover his/her hands with this pillow, just cover the tummy as he/she can raise up both the hands and drop the bean pillow on his/her face.

So how much sleep Ben needs now? For 3-6 months baby, they needs 12 – 15 hours a day but Ben sleeps about 17 hours, thanks to the bean pillow by grandma khin 🙂

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