Ben Ben is 10 months old today :-)

Time flies. Benjamin is 10 months old now. So far we are very happy with his growing-up progress. Ben has developed very good routine for the BIG3 (3 most important things for baby), i.e. sleeping, eating and poo-pooing. Yesterday, Ben showed us 2 times, standing on his own for 10seconds, after that he got off-balanced and squatted down 🙂



Potty time is no longer difficult. All we need to do is to sit Benny on his potty and ask him to poo poo. Most of the time, he will. Mama was so happy that Benny passed potty training with flying colour 🙂

2 Replies to “Ben Ben is 10 months old today :-)”

  1. QT pi3..output relli came out??…=P….lolx…nice P@RROT…
    btw,kuku,it’s “passed potty training with flying colourS”….
    @nyw@ys,b3n’s using potty frm now on? does he noe how to go do his business by himself?

  2. Sorry Teacher, forgot the “S” 😀
    Yes, Ben uses potty most of the time. He will poopoo in the potty when we put him on it but we have to clean for him 🙂

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