Ben drinks less now…





Benny has reduced his intake for formula milk much to about only 10 Oz a day. We tried to add some Milo and mention it as Milo instead of Milk Milk but still he does not take much. Anyway, he likes plain water. Daddy did some study over the Net last night and decided to add the formula milk powder into his solid food meal and will start giving him yogurt and cheese soon as alternative source of calcium 🙂

Benny is very playful. He likes to tap on or grab our face when having milk. He always give us a very sweat smile 🙂

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  1. howdy! ben, have not visited your blog for a long, long time. sorry, have been busy with lots of things. anyway, i spotted quite a no. of recent cute shots of you… too many to mention. the above pics show that you are now more playful (maybe more naughty too?). look forward to seeing you in kl next month!! :o)

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