Ben is 5 month old!


Tomorrow, 13th Feb 2008, Ben will be 5 months old. Thank God for grandma Myint, Mummy and Auntie Jaya. Baby Ben has grown up to be a fine boy.

One of the many things that Ben has learned in the 4th month are:-

  • Ben can be steadily on his four and just yesterday he could crawl forward so well, from one end of mattress to another.
  • Ben shows more expression on his face now. Above is one of them. Daddy likes this cute look 🙂
  • Ben uses a potty now!
  • Ben can hold himself upright in the bath tub.
  • Ben can control his cry better.
  • Ben sucks his toes 🙂
  • etc, etc….


Ben was giving a smiling pose for photo 🙂

15 thoughts on “Ben is 5 month old!

  1. Well done, ben. Now you have more tricks to perform to your audience. 🙂 What will be next? Standing up! I think you will walk by 9 month. he, he, he, keep working on it.

  2. Hi, Grace, yes, Ben still wakes up 1 time for milk. He has very good appetite, always need to wake up to drink milk even though he is very sleepy.
    Hi, Samuel, yes, he is making some funny face 🙂

  3. Haha, his hair decided to grow later. Yes, he always smile. 🙂
    He does try to sit up on his won but he is still off balance :-p

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