Ben is on all four!

Ben has been working hard for about 2 weeks and finally he is on all four. Initialy he could only straighten his foream and lift his shourder up high. Later, he tried to raise his bum and stomach. Yeterday he was on his all four 🙂 Not only that, Ben also could move little forward… He was reaching out for the blue doughnut and tasting it using his mouth 🙂

5 Replies to “Ben is on all four!”

  1. Well done, Ben. Here he comes. He’s gonna grab anything and very fast, too. Mummy and Daddy have to keep the house clear and child safety proofed.

  2. Okay, will check the whole house and make sure it is child safe 🙂
    Ben has yet started with solid food. Daddy does not really want him to start solid early too 🙂

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