Benjamin means “Son of my right hand” or “Right hand of the father”, Hebrew Origin.
He will be the 2nd man after daddy in the family. Daddy hopes he will take care of mummy and younger siblings. Daddy hopes he will be someone who can be entrusted with big responsibility and will lead and protect his siblings, just like the elder son in the movie Troy who protected his younger brother. Also daddy hopes he will be a very generous boy ( Proverbs 11:25)

The last syllable “Min” is also Burmese Name, meaning “King”. There are many Burmese name with 2 same words, like, Su Su, Tut Tut, Yeh Yeh and The The, so Ben will be called Min Min by grandma Myint:-) Ben’s grandma Teh gave him a Chinese name, “??”, something sounds like “G-Min” (Daddy does not know how to type in pinyin :-p), meaning ” A new Beginning” in Chinese.

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