Ben’s 100 kicks

I don’t know whether it was his kick or punch, I got “Tote.. Tote.. Tote..” every second non-stop in the morning while I was in office and I lost count after 90th Tote Tote. You broke your record man! He did it for a few times before once in a while, but the most was 40 times.. Thank God, it was a mild one.. otherwise,, mummy will…

2 Replies to “Ben’s 100 kicks”

  1. Ben is saying, “let me out, let me out! Can’t wait to see the my mummy and daddy and the world.”

    Be patient Ben, God knows best. He knows you while you are in your mother’s womb. He has great plans for you. Just be patient. God’s timing is always perfect.

  2. Ben says, “Uncle Daniel, thank you for leaving me a message even while I’m in mummy’s womb. I hope I will be talented like you in music and cooking :-)”

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