Ben’s Behavior towards Mei Mei

We always wonder how Ben will react towards his sister, Mei Mei. Since few months ago, he has been watching labor stories and about babies on Discovery Home & Health. It makes him briefly understand baby come out from mummy. Besides, we let him see bird-hatching, chic-hatching from Youtube. So, he occasionally touch mummy’s tummy and says “baby inside Ma Ma’s stomach”. Sometimes he says “baby coming out from egg” etc. When we ask, where is Mei Mei, he says “inside Ma Ma’s stomach”. “What’s her name”, he says “Anniina”.

When he sees 4 animals or 4 Simpon family members, he points and say “Daddy, Ma Ma, Ben Ben and Mei Mei”. He sort of accepts Mei Mei. When we miss out to say Mei Mei, he even adds in “Mei Mei”. Besides, he gets excited and shouts “Baby Baby” whenever he sees a baby in TV or book.

Last Sunday, he met one little baby girl (6m) and he shouted “Mei Mei” smiling. Then, he touched her socked-feet and rocked her cradle 2 times in his Sunday School. Basically, he”s been showing his interest in babies.

Well, recently, he is acting like a baby and demands Mummy more than ever! He calls “Mummy Mummy” although he used to call “Ma Ma”. And, he demands Mummy to do things for him like shower, carry him, putting him to asleep, which he did not bother when Daddy did for him. Now he refuses Daddy for some of the things. We know he is more like acting.

The Other day, he told mummy “I lost Mei Mei’s hair pin”. Yes, he took and played some hair pins saying “it’s not for me, it’s for Mei Mei”. Sometimes he says “It’s for girl” for some girl’s stuffs.

Let’s see …

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  1. We’re expecting our second child soon too, and so far we have not had much success getting our older baby Rachel to grasp the concept of a “di di” coming soon.

    I wonder if you have any tips to share, seems like you’re quite successful in this area!

  2. Congrats Adino!

    We don’t have any special tips. We just used to tell Ben about Mei Mei since beginning of the pregnancy and whenever we can, at first by showing pictures of 4 family members. We told him a baby is in mummy’s tummy and to make him understand better, we showed him Youtube, just type ‘bird hatching’, ‘elephant giving birth’ etc. Then, he got the brief idea. We also let him put oil on my tummy and let him kiss too 🙂

    Oh but, since Rachel is younger then Ben, her reaction and understanding must be different.
    I really need to read more on how to make him love Mei and not jealous her.

  3. Waa, ben hs already gotten hair pins 4 mei mei. 4 d fun of it, perhaps mummy cn prepare a present frm mei mei 2 ko ko.:-) oso display a photo of koko at yr bedside in d ward so whn he comes 2 visit u, he knows dat he s alwys on yr mind. 🙂

  4. It’s a good idea to get him a present from Mei Mei. We’ll do that. Oh, those are mummy’s old hair pins to be kept for Mei Mei 😉

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