Ben’s First Performance on the Stage

I was thrilled and happy when Ben’s teachers told me that there would be an annual concert and all the kids would be performing. I was wondering whether he’d cooperate or not as he could be moody at times. It took about 2 months to train them for 4 performances. Before long, he could show us a bit of his performance at home when we begged him to. I was quite disappointed when I saw the costume that we had to buy for the concert. It wasn’t nice and too big for him too. Anyway, I adjusted it to fit him a bit better. The other parrot costume was rented.

He was quite excited the day before the concert. When I told him Mummy and Daddy will go to your concert to see you, he said “I want Mo Mo to see me also”. Ha ha.. so I told him that Mo Mo will make noise or fall asleep. On the concert day, he woke up in a good mood, took shower, dressed up and was ready to go! The concert started at 10am but, we got to be there at 9am. Later we found that it is not good to go there too early, as he got bored a bit while waiting for his turn and almost lost his good mood and excitement. Anyway, Daddy and Mummy really enjoyed the show and were busy taking photos and videos. We were so proud of him as he could perform all the shows steadily and seriously with a smile. Well done baby!

Teachers doing make-up for him behind the curtain.

Ben with make-up for the first time, smiling with his good friend. hee.. hee.. lip sticks and blush!

After waiting for about 1.5 hours, there he was! First time on the stage, getting ready to perform, 3rd from right.

The first performance was “Repercussion”, playing some musical instruments. He was beating the small instrument which we did not get a chance to look at. He was beating it in his hands like clapping.

Second one was “Have you ever seen a lessie” and the third was “Ni Wa Wa”.

The last one was Parrot Dance and he danced very well, 2nd from right.

Singing out loud wholeheartedly.


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