Ben’s way of pronunciation :-)

Bee end (the end), cotunut (coconut), dambu (jambu), codile (crocodile), carcoon (cartoon), Dr. Manat (Dr. Rahmat), magoose (goose), kambing (penguin)etc, on yite (on the light), chocoyet (chocolate), etc.

So far, we notice he cannot pronounce the words starts with L such as light (he says yite), la la la (he says ya ya ya).

Now his favorite words that he always says are ‘don’t want, don’t want’, ‘on yite’, ‘Bee end’. Whenever he wants to stop us of reading our own books or switch to another books, he’d say “Bee end” and take away the book. It means it’s finished or done.

He is now able to identify parrot from birds, polar bear and panda from bears, dolphin from fish etc.

3 Replies to “Ben’s way of pronunciation :-)”

  1. Chloe: seat delt (seat belt), seat delt (belt), agengen (vitagen), eat soup (drink soup), nulk (milk), dup (cup), wash your hand (wash my hand), esuis me (excuse me), sleepy ar (when people yamn)

  2. How about speaking Mandarin to him? It’s more natural for him to pick it up while young. The language has become very important. It’s good for him.

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