Ben’s Progress & Behavior

Ben has just turned 2 years and 4 months. Daddy and Mummy are happy with his progress especially his oral skills. These a few months, he is able to say the words such as ‘the’, ‘for’, ‘and’ , ‘on’, ‘under’, which he used to skip before. Now he says- under the sea, on the chair, it’s for Ben Ben, It’s not for Ma Ma, let me go, it’s gone etc. He makes sentences about what he sees such as – they are eating, nobody’s there. etc.

Besides English, he has picked up several Burmese words from his grandma and also can sing 4 Burmese songs. He can sing about 20 English nursery songs so far such as Ba Ba black sheep, Row Row, London bridge, Rock a bye baby, Hickory Dickory, Ding dong bell, hot cross buns, 1-2 buckle shoe, twinkle twinkle, Marry had a little lamb, Itcy Wincy Spider, Old Mcdonald, Bingo, Hey diddle diddle etc. He picked up most of these at bed time. Reading for him stories and singing rhymes at bed time is still ritual.

But his Mandarin is still limited 🙁

As for his behavior, it changes at times. When he was around 2, he was negative and always refused to do what we say or what we do for him. He used to shout “No no no no”, “cannot cannot cannot”, ” I don’t want, I don’t want” etc. And, wanted to do everything by himself. Recently, he’s become possessive and likes to say -“Mine, Mine”, “It’s mine”, “it’s not for you”,” it’s my place”, it’s my car” etc.. Sometimes, he doesn’t let us sit on sofa as he occupies the whole sofa.

We are waiting to see what’s next.

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