Ben’s routine sleeping & eating

benny sleeping

Finally Benny sleeps through the night, every night from ~1030pm to ~730am. Before sleep, he will take a bowl of cereal at 930pm and 5Oz of milk just before sleep. In the morning, when he wakes up, he will take 4Oz of milk for breakfast.  He will sleep again at ~10am to 12noon. Take a bowl of cereal for lunch. Sleep again at ~4pm to ~6pm. 2 Oz of milk before and after afternoon sleep. Besides cereal and milk, Benny takes rusk, plain sandwish bread and some fruit daily.

Total sleep time = ~13hrs/day
Milk = ~13Oz/day
Rusk = ~1 pc/day
Banana/pear =1 pc/day
Bread = ~1-2 pcs/day

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