Biking Time

It’s always fun to see Ko Ko and Mo Mo riding bikes. Although they are not so sporty, they can be encouraged to do some outdoor activities as such, besides playing foot ball or kites or just running in USM fields. The bike in the first picture is the first 2-wheel bike (with support wheels) we got for Ben when he was about 3. But only when he was around 4, he got the hang of riding it and he could even carry Mei Mei behind when Mei Mei was not so heavy yet before 3. But then, when Mei Mei turned 3.5 years and when Ben was 6, he could hardly carry her. You can see him shouting “so heavy” and having a hard time paddling with Mei Mei hugging him tight tight from behind in second pic.. ha ha 😀 That’s so funny and cute. So Mei Mei had to push Ko Ko instead of riding behind and they really enjoyed that pushing game as we captured it in video. As Ben had outgrown that first bike, we got him a new good bike for his 6th birthday and we got Mei Mei a small bike, well.., more like a toy bike but it wasn’t good to ride. So finally, we got her a bigger one same size as Ko Ko’s for her 4th birthday. I hope it’s a good choice because she is growing fast and, by the time she could master riding it, her body size will just fit the bike. Perhaps, another 6 months for her to practice until we can remove the supporting wheels.. Ya.,. these bikes are pretty good to go for as the wheels roll easily.


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