Breast Milk Jaundice

2 weeks ago, on 18th Oct, baby Ben’s bilurubin level was still at 189. It is considered quite high for a full month baby. He had prolonged jaundice, either it was Breast Milk Jaundice or it was something not so good. To verify it was Breast Milk Jaundice, he needed to do a blood test which needed to draw 6ml of his blood. What daddy worried was not the 6ml but was the procedure to draw blood, since he is so young, his vein is still very fine, he might be pierced few times…. looking at his active condition, good appetite, consistently gaining weight, colour of his poopoo and urine, everything was ok, daddy decided not to do the blood test so fast. 4 days ago, we went for a bilurubin test and it scored 75, which was good progress. Anyway, we proceeded to stop breastfeeding for 48hrs and the bilurubin level dropped to 43, then doctor confirmed that he had Breast Milk Jaundice and nothing to be worried and allowed baby Ben to continue to have the best food for him, mother’s milk 🙂

Pity Ben boy that he was poked for more than 10x for the so many bilirubin tests. 🙂

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