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Family reunion trip…

Family & Friend

Some interesting moments during last week’s family reunion trip to share… This was a real good shot… everyone was smiling. 🙂 Taken during checking in at Lakehouse, Cameron Highlands. Nice cozy bedroom. 🙂 Benny tried to imitate Mona lisa’s smile. 🙂 Breakfast time at Lutheran Mission Bungalow, Cameron Highlands. Awesome view. Perfect place for fishing ….  Read More

Meeting Ah Tai

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Yesterday, Ben met Ah Tai from China for the first time. Appreciate Tai’s daddy’s effort to let them meet up 🙂 Perhaps in future, Ben can practice Mandarin with Tai via Internet in the future 😉

Babies in diapers

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One of the main activities we had in Cameron Highlands was photo shooting of our babies in diapers only. We really had a great fun time 🙂 We will have another similar photo time when all the babies know how to sit up on their own. 😉 By the way, can you find baby Ben? ….  Read More

Visit from a KL friend

Family & Friend

Little kakak Husnah gave baby Ben a visit today. Both of them share something similar – prolonged jaundice :-p. Daddy used to ask baby Husnah’s daddy “kuning lagi?” as baby Husnah was still “kuning” even after full month….. Haha…later baby Ben was still “kuning” until 6th week 😀