Chef at Home

Benjamin Teh is the Chef at University Heights. Besides his passion for cooking, he is obsessed with all his pots and pans and Tupperware, until he brings them to his bed and falls asleep with them. Middle of the night, he sometimes wake up and check whether they are there on his bed. If not, he will suddenly get up, cry  and hunt for them. Once he wakes up in the morning, he’d straightaway carry all of them to living room and there he goes…..his day starts with cooking and blending juice. Since 2 nights ago, Ma Ma has banned him from bringing all those kitchen wares to bed room. It was successful. Let’s see how.

Kitchen is the interesting place for him too. When Ma Ma is cooking in the kitchen, he always comes and see what Ma is cooking and he’d say “put salt”, “cook rice”, “cook soup”,” fry egg” etc.dsc_0572dsc_0589

9 thoughts on “Chef at Home

  1. 🙂 It’s too late now. Let him have his own set of cooking utensils and a corner for him to cook. Let him have fun.

  2. fun ah? Last time I use to like to play masak-masak too…. One day mama let me play with starch(i think..) and water but not really fun… what did Benny cook?

  3. Benny cooks garlic, egg, vege, onion, potato and blend juice also. He is using some of your left over masak masak toys. Can you recognize Lizzie? The fried egg and Kailan vege are yours, corn, sausage and carrot too. You left them at our place to play some time ago. He already destroyed your stove. So sayang.

  4. Did Sam cook last time? It’s not a usual hobby for boys, but daddy said never mind, all famous chefs are guys. Who knows he will be the one like Jamie Oliver or Micheal Smith?

  5. Samuel likes cooking! He played masak-masak till 6 years old. Sometimes, he washed the dishes for me. 🙂 At one time, he even said that he’s gonna be a chef someday!

  6. Ha ha ha, Ben got Sam’s genes. Good! 2 of you can open restaurant one day. Keep it up Sam! Keep helping mummy in kitchen. I hope Ben will do so too.

  7. does Ben have Sam’s genes when they’re like, from different parents? o.O Must be from either you or Kiat kuku.LOL. Anyways,many small children like to play cooking.So Ben’s not the only one 🙂

  8. however, he looks like a serious chef at work and he’s in full concentration… anyone for fried egg and orange peel?

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