Concert 2012

It’s time for annual concert of Ben’s nursery. At first, Ben said “Mum, I don’t want to go to concert, I will go to Tesco on concert day.” I asked him why and then he said ” I don’t know how to dance”. But when the day really came, he was all excited and in good mood. He woke up early, took shower and got his costume ready in the morning. He let mum and teacher make-up for him. He did well singing and acting on the stage with a few songs. But this time, he had no special costume. But something special for him this time was a trophy rewarded to him for his best performance in “general knowledge” subject. He was really proud of it and couldn’t stop looking at it and talking about it. Ya, we had a chance to see his results and answer papers for this end semester test. In fact he did best for Maths (99 marks) and general knowledge (97 marks). His Mandarin was 75.. ha ha.. we are so proud of you Ben!

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  1. well done Ben!.. with the trophy. for a while, i wondered if he’s got eye-liner. haha.
    looks like he’s into the performance this time:)

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