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As a Dad, I think that we have a responsibility to encourage and nurture our kids together with their Mom. I came across this website on Anmum called Connected Tot and I think it is a good place to start to learn about developing the child’s brain cells.
In this website built for parents and kids, there is info that teaches parents about what is connecting tots, how to connect their brain cells and the importance of this connection. Not only that, the site has a section full of ‘books’  for the kids as well; fun stories and games to stimulate their mind.
In this website, these ‘books’ are:
Brain Cell Connections – Which explains what is a connected child and how to make sure that your child reaches his full potential – by connecting his brain cells through experiences and knowledge. There is also a little infomercial video in this book which explains even further on brain cell connections.
Anmum Essential – It’s about how nutrition is vital in developing the child’s mind. Not only that, both parent and child need to have the proper nutrition in order to nurture the connection between parent and a healthy child. The next pages gives a detailed explanation on the specific nutrition the child need, to ensure healthy growth in body and mind.
Mom’s (and Dad’s) role – Highlighting the essential tips for parents to nurture the child in order to give him a head start in life. Since brain cell connections are the foundation of the child’s learning process.
Stories – A big book of stories. At the moment, there are only two books (Simon learns quick! And Remy’s magical rainbow), with MORE TO COME! *sooooo excited*
Games – The stimulator tool for brain cell connections. Beneficial to children, categorized based on age; 1-3 years old, and 4-6 years old. Since different age group require different stimulators, I think splitting the games to different age group is a great idea! *Way to go Anmum!*
The biggest highlight about the Connected Tots website, is that is allows Ben and I to develop a closer bond and to show him that learning together with his dad is fun too! Since Ben is exposed to the fact that learning is fun, he becomes more attentive to what he is taught.
Ben’s favorite is the games. He likes guessing the “Animal Talk” game. Basically, the game will play an animal sound. Then he has to guess which animal out of the two on the stage is the animal that makes that sound. It is basically matching the sound to the animal. I think this teaches the child how to listen and pair with what he sees.
Observing him, it seems that he finds the games really interesting, colorful and fun! Not only does he have more time on the computer, he learns educational things while doing what he considers as playing.
When the kids manage to finish the objective of the game, there is a “Well Done!” shout which encourages kids and adds an even more fun factor in the games. Ben especially loves these guessing games.
The story books are also as interesting and the colourful pictures make them more inviting. It is just too bad these books can’t be downloaded into the iPhone so that daddy can read them to Ben anytime.
As a parent, I think reading to my kid is important. Which is why the two story book titles on the site so far can be used as bedtime stories for little ones, to encourage them to love books as well as enjoy reading. I am waiting for more stories to be put up though!
By the way, after you’ve gone through the website, don’t forget to request for sample nutrients for the brain cell; it is free!:)

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