Daddy, mama, ben ben & mei mei.

Ben always like to mention “daddy, mama, ben ben and mei mei” whenever he saw photos of 4 in a family. So today, we took one our very own 4 in a family photo for him 🙂

Mei Mei

Ben Ben

How much look alike are they?

4 Replies to “Daddy, mama, ben ben & mei mei.”

  1. Beautiful shot – all in the family! Ben, u surely looked so happy n excited! Now mei mei is here, you ve suddenly grown so mch! Big ko ko!

  2. Congratulations to Khin and family 🙂 Mei Mei choose a good date to come to this world. Yesterday is the first day of the tiger year.
    Happy to see the happy family photo.

  3. welcome to the world, anniina! …rock-a-bye baby is sleeping so peacefully. sweet baby looks much like ben ben in the 2nd pix. i like the happy 4-in-the-family shot. very nice and bright. benny is so happy and excited! should frame it up for your home display 😉

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