Dancing King

Ben Ben used to shake his butt when he hears music since 3-4 months, followed by jumping while sitting. These days, he does various actions following the nursery songs in TV. But of course, he gets limited time to see TV.



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  1. Hi Benny Boy, you are growing up very fast. Your face change so much. You are already look like a toddler instead of baby. Can you talk already? I hope the next time I see you, you can talk already.

  2. Yes, Benny can talk a lot now, anyway, some words remain only he himself understand like tani-tani :-p He demands carton by mentioning carton-carton 😀 He also understand some instruction, I can ask him to close the door and he will 🙂

  3. Hi, tani-tani benny, ask your daddy to take you for a proper hair cut.
    It will make you look even more handsome! Samuel has hair cut once every three weeks. Short and spiky! handsome!

  4. Bar bar will surely get scolded for injuring him.
    now, Benny’s favorite word is “Baa Baa” for black sheep. He demands Baa Baa and Wa Wa (Ne wa wa) songs too.

  5. Who is Bar bar? Samuel refused to have a hair cut when he was younger. Struggled and cried! Very difficult to cut his hair. Only Ee(aunt yean)or Bo bok(aunt mey)managed to cut his hair because both of them could do it super fast! 🙂

  6. hee… the right spelling is barber, the hair cutter. Mummy cuts Ben’s hair & nail while he is sleeping. But he may wake up as it’s ticklish for him to touch his hair. did u cut when Sam was sleeping?

  7. Tried once or twice. Took up too much time and sweat, yet, the result was awful. Then, decided to get service from more talented mums like Yean and Mey, or went to the barber. Quick and clean! He was difficult, though. Some barbers even refused to cut his hair! But we struggled thru 🙂 Now, reading Archie while having his hair cut.

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